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Welcome To Our Website

First NRV Credit Union recognizes the importance of ensuring that our website is accessible to those with disabilities. Due to this, we have recently had our website rebuilt from the ground up.

Our website conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and has been built using code compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

First NRV Credit Union goes to extreme lengths to adhere to the accepted guidelines, standards, and laws for accessibility & usability. To that end, we have recently reviewed the entirety of both our current website to identify any non-compliant elements or documents so that we can bring them into compliance. We are continuing this process to ensure that the site remains up-to-date regarding any updates or changes to the guidelines for compliance.

We are continually seeking solutions to provide the best experience possible to everyone who uses our website. Should you experience any difficulties or find any issues while you are using our website, please let us know by emailing or by calling us at 540-639-0885.

Our Story: Celebrating Over 80 Years of Success

It was June 2, 1937, when 8 men took it upon themselves to open up a credit union that would serve the financial needs of those employed for the Radford Foundry. This credit union came to be known as the Radford Pipe Shop Credit Union. Throughout the years, this credit union has seen many ups and downs. Even through harsh economical times for our country, such as the Great Depression, the Radford Pipe Shop Credit Union thrived and survived.

Now it's 2018, and many things have changed for us. We have changed our name to First NRV Credit Union, we now have an extended field of membership, and we have grown a staggering amount since our initial creation in 1937. After 80 years or service, First NRV is going stronger than ever. We look to the future and are excited for the growth that it will bring for us. We are also going to extreme lengths to maintain the standards and the mentality of those 8 men who first decided to open this credit union, and we aim to continue to change the lives of those within our membership fields.

ALSO, stay tuned to our Social Media and our main Webpage for special limited time offers and discounts on our products and services for the year of 2018!

Stay Tuned: Mobile Banking

stay mobile.

We have been working with one of our service providers to create a mobile application for both Android & iOS mobile devices.

Once this application goes live for our members, you all will be able to download it to your personal devices (from the Google Play or Apple Store) and be able to check your balances with the press of a button.

We look forward to this awesome new product, and we hope that this offered feature will help us to better serve the needs of all our members.

The Difference: Credit Unions vs. Banks

What is the Credit Union Difference?

What Is a Credit Union? A credit union is a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that provides financial services to its members.

Credit unions focus on saving and borrowing, but they may offer other common banking services as well.

Credit union membership is based on a certain field. These membership fields can be occupational, associational or geographical.

If you qualify, your first deposit also counts as your first purchased share. This makes you a member and partial owner of the credit union.

Help Stop Data Breaches

Stay in the know about the current risks associated with data breaches & fraud!

Don't let poor security practices lead to a breach of your own personal or financial information.

Staying aware of the current risks of data breaches and how to better safeguard against them is the first step in protecting your information.

The article below is from Cuna Mutual Group, and it has some very useful information that will help you to better safeguard your finances and your personal information!