Do You Qualify for Membership?

Our field of membership now includes the following:

    now offering memberships for radford city, pulaski county, floyd county, carroll county, wythe county, & Galax city. 
    (these cities and counties are all located within the state of virginia)

    • All persons that live, work, worship, or attend school in these locations.
    • Business & other legal entities within these fields of membership
    • Spouses of deceased persons who were within the fields of membership of this credit union.
    • Members of the immediate families or household of any of the groups listed above.
    • All organizations of such persons who fall into our membership field through the requirements listed above.

    Learn more about our credit union difference

    Credit Unions stand for something bigger than just profits. They symbolize what it means to have a mutually beneficial relationship, meaning that all parties involved gain some sort of benefit from the relationship. In this case, when Credit Unions thrive, they then return the gains they have received to their members in the form of lower fees, better loan rates, and higher return rates on savings accounts.

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